The Measure Up

This is where your measurements are taken by the tailor, fabrics and trimmings are selected from our range of over 1,000 swatches from Europe. The garment is styled and your order form is drafted.

These details are then sent to our workshop for the process to begin. 


Fitting 1 - The Half Baste

Your skeleton suit has been created from your individual paper pattern which is transfered using chalk and marked on the cloth, the cloth is then cut by hand, the garment is tacked up and marked to show where buttonholes begin and pockets will be cut and is ready for the half baste fitting, this gives the tailor chance to make any small tweaks to the garment before the pockets are cut and the buttonholes are sewn.

The garment is then sent back to the workshop in preparation for the forward fitting. 


Fitting 2 - The Forward Fitting

The coat has had the trimmings sewn in by hand and the pocket and buttonholes cut, the garment is taking life and is 75% finished. The tailor will check any final meausurements and manipulate the garment by pinning and chalking any alterations to the suit before we proceed to the final finish of the garment. 

The garment is then sent back to the workshop in preparation for the final fitting. 


Fitting 3 - The Finished Garment

This is the final fitting of the process where the finished suit is completed, the hems have been done and the garment is pressed and ready for collection and to be worn for a lifetime. Over 64 hours of handwork goes into making a bespoke suit from our workshop, that is more time than it takes to make a Rolls Royce.



Our entry level bespoke suits are constructed on a much faster turn around where we offer a single a fitting after the measure up with our Australian tailor. At this fitting the hems are pinned and any small nips and tucks are completed locally over a 7 day period.