Bespoke Suits

Our Bespoke Suits are in a league of their own and are designed for the client who isn't prepared to settle for anything less than the best. 

Handmade paper patterns are marked by chalk and cut by hand with over 65 hours of labour and love going into constructing one of our Bespoke Suits.

With 2 trips back to our workshop this ensures that each measurement is 100% perfect, there is no compromise taken or corner cut for the best garment on the market.

The garments are cut with inlays, edge stitched by hand, the buttonholes are hand sewn using silk twist, fully canvassed & pad stitched by hand. 

The coat lining is hand stitched. 

Waistcoats are canvassed. 

Finishing on the trouser is hand stitched.

We are proud to offer cloths from the most prestigious mills in Europe.

Other garments available for tailoring are Tuxedo's, Dinner Jackets, Smoking Jackets, Overcoats, Blazers, Morning Coats & Dress Coats.

We also cater for wedding parties who receive a free bespoke shirt with every group of two or more. Groups of  four and above receive 10% discount off the RRP.




Bespoke Shirt

Our Bespoke shirts are the perfect way to compliment our Bespoke Suits.

With 25 stitches per inch and superb pattern matching these day to day necessities are the staple to a mans wardrobe.

We carry the finest samples from Italy, England and Switzerland and you won't be disappointed with the results.

Our shirts again are all individually hand drafted, cut by hand with additional hand stitching. With over 35 hours of labour and love for production. Some of the unique methods of craftsmanship that define our shirts and set them apart from other tailoring houses are listed below.


- Hand Made Patterns                        

- Individually Hand Cut Per Shirt

- Hand Matched Patterns (the finest around the world)                  

- Signature Threadless Stitching Mechanics   

- Hand Sewn Monograms

- Hand Sewn Australian Mother Of Pearl Buttons 

- Handcrafted Pleated Shoulders (optional)

- Invisible Stitching With Twenty Five Stitches Per Inch (Most other Tailors offer up to 21)    

- One Of A Kind Hand Sewn Buttonhole         

- Finest two-three mm French Single Seams



Bespoke Shirt - Orange Line

Our orange line is available for clients who appreciate the art of hand stitching, in addition to our core tailoring methods the orange line is created with the additional features below.


- Hand Sewn Collars

- Hand Attached Sleeves

- Hand Sewn Gussets

- Hand Sewn Fronts



Bespoke Shirt - Gold Line

Our signature Orange and Black line is simply put the finest quality shirt available on the market today. There is no compramise on quality and the workmanship is the ultimate in luxury tailoring. Each shirt is created over a period of two and a half days of handwork. There is 10 extra steps taken than that of the finest Italian fashion houses to guarrantee the garment is the pinacle of quality and luxury. 

In addition to the core and orange line, orange and black shirts come with these additional features 


- Buttonholes to the sleeve plackets are all hand sewn 

- Side seams are all hand sewn 

- Complimentary handmade pocket squares are included using the same cloth your shirt is made from. The perfect compliment to your bespoke suit & shirt combination 




Entry Level Bespoke Suits

If you are looking for something unique, at a more reasonable price point, then our entry level bespoke suits are the perfect choice.

Using the finest English & Italian fabrics, natural horn buttons and Australian finishing our entry level bespoke suits are a superb product & priced accordingly.

These garments are tailor-made to fit the wearer using world class materials that are unavailable from other tailors, for clients who desire the very best world class garments we strongly recommend paying the extra for our premium bespoke service 

The garments are cut with inlays, edge stitched, the buttonholes are all working using silk twist, fully canvassed & pad stitched by machine. 

The coat lining is machine & hand stitched. 

Waistcoats are fused. 

Finishing on the trouser is machine & hand stitched.




Entry Level Bespoke Shirt  

Like our entry level bespoke suits the entry level bespoke shirts are designed for those who are just beginning their journey into tailor-made garments, so they represent great value for money.

Using the finest cotton fabrics and a wide range of style options available these shirts are perfect for your seasonal needs.


All prices quoted exclude local taxes