Welcome to the homepage for The Dandy Tailoring Company, a privately owned business set up to provide exclusive Bespoke Tailoring from around the world, for friends & a select few Gentlemen. We are a travelling tailoring company & have listed on our contact us page a few popular countries we travel to for appointments. We are happy to travel to any location to fulfil your tailoring requirements and are on call 24/7 by appointment only, to ensure you have the smoothest tailoring experience possible.

Our dedicated team are available at your disposal and we pride ourselves for our workmanship, range of cloths and trimmings & ability to create unique one off garments for weddings, casual and business dress.  

We are very proud to be able to offer a wealth of experience across the three legs of our business model. Having three partners all bringing a skill to the table we are able to offer the whole package from fibre processing and weaving all the way through to the finished garment stage of the production process from established companies dating back to 1767.