1. A 60% deposit is taken at the Measure up stage via Paypal (2.8% surcharge applies) or bank transfer (no surcharge) to ensure safety on both sides, this is non-refundable by ourselves and is used to cover the cost of any fabrics and trimmings that need to be purchased in advance from the supplier. If there is ever a dispute in regard to payments, Paypal will mediate the situation and The Dandy Tailoring Company accept their decision whether it fall with the client or ourselves. Bank transfer payments are at the discretion of the business. 


2. Weight gain / weight loss is a common thing for us all, we have a 2 inch inlay in all key areas to allow for alterations and extend the life of your suit once completed, if in-between fittings weight is lost or gained please advise us asap so we can remeasure you. If you don't tell us about your change in size & weight has been lost or gained we do not take responsibility for costs of remaking or making alterations to the garment.


3. Deliveries can fluctuate due to fabrics being out of stock & shipping issues may also occur where garments are held in customs, in the event this should happen the client will be notified and kept up to date with what is happening. If a fabric is out of stock for more than 2 weeks we will give the client the option to reselect the fabric or choose to wait for the fabric to become available. 


4. Invoices must be cleared to $0 before garments will be released to the client. 


5. We ensure our garments are to the highest quality we are able to offer, if you are not happy with the fit of your garment, we offer a 1 month wearing period where any nips and tucks are on us. After this time any alterations will be charged at cost. If a third party has attempted any work on our garments we accept no responsibility after this point. 


6. Fabric wear and tear is a common topic, you will be advised at the time of ordering your fabric if there is any concern for wear and tear. There is a rule of thumb to follow, the finer the fabric the less time it will last you, if you plan to wear your garment 5 times a week, a solid all wool will fit the bill and last you 5 years upwards, 3 times a week and a super 120's fabric is the cloth for you, 2 times a week and you can expand into the super 150's range & finally once a week and the skies the limit. Don't expect to wear a super 200's cloth 5 times a week and it last you more than 6 months without looking like a dogs breakfast. 


7. All our suits and trousers are made from natural fibres, please do not machine wash them. You do not need to dry clean a suit more than once every 6 months, ideally once a year is enough. The chemicals used in this process damage fabric and after the first dry clean the suit is never the same again. We recomend steaming the suit to remove creases or if there are odours, you may also hang the garment up in the bathroom and leave the hot water running so the steam from the hot water naturally removes any creases.


8. Keep your suit on a solid wooden hanger in a suit bag, leave the zip 3/4 done up to let some air to the garment to avoid mildew.


9. Pilling is a common thing to happen to finer fabrics, often on the shoulder if a bag is worn with a strap or on the seat area if fabric is exposed to an abbrasive surface like a rough office chair or maybe the seat of a car, bus or train. We recommend sitting on a smooth chair if possible, leather would be ideal.


10. Rips & tears to garments can occur, sometimes thread can come loose from stitches if caught or over time if they become worn, we offer a maintanence service where if garments have come loose on seams or been caught we will repair the garment. However after the first months wearing period is over and you bend down in your trousers and they split on the cloth and not the seam we do not take responsibility & the repairs are charged at cost. All matters like this are very rare (I myself have never split a pair of trousers) and will be looked at on a case by case basis. Private alterations are available to your existing garments via The Dandy Alteration Company. These services are charge at $75 per hour plus GST. 


11. Measurements and patterns. All client measurements remain the interlectual property of The Dandy Tailoring Company.

Being professional tailors our experience lies in taking measurements to make sure garments fit clients correctly. We do not give out measurements to clients once garments have been completed.

If you require measuring for a special occasion where garments are not being made with The Dandy Tailoring Company, we are able to provide a measurement service for $300 per person.


12. Late payments have become a thing we need to add to our terms of business. If an invoice becomes more than 14 days overdue a 10% late fee will be added to the total value of the invoice for administration purposes. If the invoice goes over 60 days past due we shall commence collection proceedings to recover the amounts owed from a third party business. All costs associated will be passed onto the client.


13. The Society is a very unique concept so here are a few FAQ's about the membership.

The sign up month determines when your garments will be delivered over the 12 months.

We have staggered the delivery so the only blank month is month two whilst your first shirt is being created.

The idea behind the membership is to secure production for our workshops over the 12 months and also get working professionals into the best fitting clothes for an affordable price. 

If we were to retail The Society at RRP the cost would be over $4000 for all the inclusions we have added. We rely on word of mouth for referrals and it makes a huge difference to our business when we have more members on board. That being said for every referral that purchases garments from us we will give 10% discount off our none Society product or a bonus shirt for your own membership from the basic fabric range. 

In the instance where a delivery is late due to an out of stock fabric or shipping issue customers will be notified of the delay, if a 2 week period has passed we will give the client the option to wait further or select a new fabric. At the time of the first consultation a back up suit and shirt fabric will be selected in the event of this happening. Our fabrics are on rotation with the suppliers and sell outs are possible on certain patterns.

Fast tracking garments is not available.

Cancellations are viewed on a case by case basis, this is a 12 month contract you are entering into. We reserve the right to refuse any cancellation of membership however we try to be flexible where possible. 

We have set the payment system up by paypal or by bank transfer not in advance of delivery of goods, this means we take the risk month by month for making your garments in advance (except month two) if when your garment is made and shipped it remains unpaid for the period of month no further garments will be made whilst the membership is in arrears. This will affect your delivery schedule for the rest of the membership. 

Gift vouchers or other promotions may not be used in conjunction with The Society.

The Society has been set up as an affordable way to get members into the best fitting clothes on the market. We offer a base range of suit and shirt fabrics for the $199.00 a month membership. If clients wish to choose a better fabric or maybe add an extra pair of trousers / vest to their order they are more than welcome to do so. All we do is total the cost of the upgrade, divide it by 12 and add that to your monthly payments. For example if you are paying $199.00 and want to add an extra pair of trousers at $500. We divide this by the 12 months ($41.66) and add it to your base rate. So then new amount payable would be $240.00 per month. If after your initial consultation you wish to add garments or upgrade your fabrics this is not a problem, all we would do is total the cost and divide by the number of months left on your membership. For example if the extra amount was $500 and you had 6 months left on your membership, we would divide the amount by 6 to make $83.33 which would be added to your next 6 payments.

Double memberships are also possible if required.

Split memberships are not ideal but we would like to accommodate where possible, if a split membership is requested there will be a $250 fee for creating the second set of measurements at the initial consultation. 

Lastly as with our none Society products fitting's are undertaken for your first shirt and first suit to make sure your pattern is correct. After this time if any alterations are required at your request these are to be charged at cost. 

Please see the oversize surcharge costs below which also are applicable to The Society.

If any garment is faulty when delivered then we will repair or replace at our own cost. 


Delivery times are as follows

Suits - Entry Level Bespoke (Park Lane) - 4-6 weeks

        Premuim Bespoke (Mayfair) - 12 weeks  


Shirts - Made to Measure - 2 weeks

Bespoke - 4-6 weeks 

Express services are available (surcharges apply) 

Clients over a 52" chest and 40" waist respectively are charged 10% surcharge 

All prices quoted exclude GST 

Delivery dates are quoted from receipt of your deposit